About us

About us


Thailand Institute of Nuclear Technology (Public Organization) or TINT is the organization under the supervision of the Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation. TINT separated from the Office of Atoms for Peace (OAP), a national nuclear regulatory body, on 21st April 2006 according to the decree on the establishment of Thailand Institute of Nuclear Technology (Public Organization). Board of Directors has then been appointed to supervise the implementation of TINT to conform with the purpose of the decree.   



To be a leading research and development institute creating innovations and providing nuclear technology-related services, which contributes to the increase of country’s economic value to be greater than 3.5-fold of all expenditures (capital budget excluded) by 2024 and to be a leader in nuclear technology in ASEAN by 2027


- Carrying out research on nuclear science and technology and its applications

- Providing nuclear technology-related services on producing radioisotopes and managing radioactive waste

-  Providing technical services to promote nuclear knowledge transfer and conducting trainings and human resource development on nuclear utilization

- Conducting research on nuclear applications and other relevant areas including nuclear and radiation safety, measurements of environmental radioactivity, as well as radiation protection

- Implementing nuclear safety, nuclear security, and nuclear safeguards


- Promoting research and development on nuclear technology which contributes to the creations of innovations, products and services for substituting imports, solving country’s problem relating to nuclear technology and establishing international acceptance

- Improving information dissemination to build awareness and confidence on nuclear technology, better understandings, and enhance corporate social responsibilities

- Enhancing organizational effectiveness by addressing national issues, creating nuclear innovations, developing internal procedures and improving quality of services, and establishing a new research reactor

- Developing organization by building up highly competent human resources, promoting learning environment as an organizational culture, building morale in workplace, having international cooperation, and improving staff’s quality of lives

- Promoting good corporate governance