About us

About us


Thailand Institute of Nuclear Technology (Public Organization) or TINT is the organization under the supervision of the Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation. TINT separated from the Office of Atoms for Peace (OAP),a national nuclear regulatory body, on 21st April 2006 according to the decree on the establishment of Thailand Institute of Nuclear Technology (Public Organization). Board of Directors has then been appointed to supervise the implementation of TINT to conform with the purpose of the decree.   



To be The leading research and    innovation development   institute    and providing   nuclear -technology    based services for   sustainability of the country and   ASEAN regio


- carrying out nuclear technology research and development,  and  fruitful applications in compliance with the country’s strategies

-  Providing nuclear technology-related services based on international standards for higher economic and social values 

- Developing human resources and technology infrastructures in support of research, development, and service provision 

- Performing work on nuclear safety, nuclear security, and nuclear safeguards

- Rasing public awareness of the benefits of nuclear energy for more use of nuclear technology in economy and society sectors



- Conducting research to establish strong academic foundation and improving service for higher economic, social, and environment values

- Increasing high-skilled manpower for better productive use, construction, and repair of nuclear technology infrastructures and developing organization in response to future need of service 

- Forming and running both national and global networks for service expansion on nuclear technology 

- Developing the creative and sustainable workplace ecosystem and improving effective communication to raise public awareness of the importance of nuclear technology, and nuclear and radiation safety in targeted area and in the country